Gift Ideas For A Blogger

As a blogger there are some gifts that I really like receiving, these are gifts that are useful and can be used all year round to make my blogging life that little bit easier. If you blog or have a friend who writes a blog I’m sure they would agree the following gifts would be much appreciated.

1. A Diary or Notebook is a must for any blogger. I like to think that I’m organised but it’s only because I have all my deadlines and must do things all written down in my diary. I also write all our appointments, after school activities and anything else I need to remember in it too. TOAD offer diaries and notebooks that can be personalised to you. Prices start from £13.93. A personalised diary is perfect for any family member or friend too – mums, dads, teens, fitness and sports fans.

  • Create your own customised diary, notebook or journal in seconds 
  • You can write your own wording for the covers
  • Have any combination of start date (not just from Jan 1st) / any end date (from 4 months long up to 3 years long)
  • You can also choose any combination of page size and layout format

2. A Wireless Speaker (£19.99). Listening to music is the only way I find that I can get any work done. Having a wireless speaker means that I can connect it to my phone or iPad and listen to all my favourite music. I love the Espresso Bluetooth speaker and although it would look great sat next to my computer it would also look fab in the kitchen too. Its comes with a handy carabiner clip so it can be securely attached to clothes or bags if you take the speaker out and about. The speaker features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers up to four hours playback time.
3. A Pencil Case (£10.00). I have a pen / pencil problem in that I lose them – all the time. A pencil case to store them in would be a great gift – I love the paul Frank Pencil Case. The trainer shape makes it unusual, it would look great on any desk. The bright design means it is easy to spot and the Julius the Monkey patterning is so cool. 
4. Pens. To fill your cool pencil case. You can never have enough pens or pencils. Sharpie Pens (£6.80 for a pack of 6) are handy to keep close to hand as they are great for writing on things like the boys lunchboxes or things that are being taken into school. They come in a range of colours including red, purple, green and even metallic gold and silver. Paper Mate Replay Premium pens ( pack of 2 from RRP £3.00) are available in 8 vibrant colours, the heat-sensitive ink turns clear when rubbed out with the special eraser – perfect for us bloggers who like to make lists and then cross things out. If like me you alway have your tablet close by then you might like the Paper Mate Inkjoy 2 in 1 Stylus Pens. They are great for gadget lovers. The stylus tip allows you to quickly switch from pen to touchscreen, making it perfect for the busy, multitasking professional or Candy Crush addict (guilty!) Available in six vibrant colours with an RRP of £3.76 for a pack of 2 pens. The Paper Mate Inkjoy Mini are compact sized pens – perfect to be slipped into any pocket or purse. A pack of 10 pens has an RRP £2.88.
5. Chocolates. You can never, ever go wrong when buying a blogger their favourite chocolates or sweets. For future reference mine are Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis (although if you ever turn up with any kind of chocolate I won’t turn it down) 

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