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Christmas to me means spending time with a family, watching TV, eating lots of nice food and getting together with our extended family and friends. We don’t see each other as much as we’d like as we all live so far apart and we’re all very busy people – both my parents and Matthew all work opposite shift patterns so getting a day when we are all not busy is a rarity. When we do get together we like to play games and the boys have even been known to rope their grandparents into a spot of crafting with them. Here are our suggestions for things to do together over the Christmas period.

1. Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad! from Drumond Park (rrp £22.99) is for 2 to 4 players, age 5+. A fun game for all the family to play together. Players must move around the board without waking the snoring Dad who is placed in the middle of the game. If Dad is woken up by the mischievous children he jumps upright from his bed. The aim of the game is for players to make their way along a hazardous route from their own beds around and even over Dad. They need to avoid  landing on the howling cat, the tinkling bell and the hooting owl… If they wake dad up they have to start all over again.

2. Gobblet Gobblers. The aim of the game is to “Gobble” your way to three in a row. These cute characters are just hungry for fun, just be the first to line up three of your Gobblers in a row to claim the win but be careful as these cheeky characters have the ability to ‘gobble’ your opponent’s pieces! This family game is best played with two players and is ideal for children  5 years+. Gobblet Gobblers has an RRP of £14.95 and is available from Amazon and all good Independents Toy and Gift Stores.

3. Jacqueline Wilson, Dreams, Dilemmas and Divas Game (£14.95). A must have game for any young fan of Jacqueline Wilson. Players race to reach ‘You’re a Star’, along the way they are confronted with dilemmas, tested to see how good a friend they are and how well they know their friends. The game is best played with two teams of two or more players and is ideal children aged 8 years+. Available from Amazon, Smyth’s Toys and all good Independents Toy and Gift Stores.

4. Skribble Head (£14.95). Is a game that will guarantee giggles! All players have to do is guess what is being drawn. It sounds simple but it’s not – the masterpiece is being sketched blind in just 15 seconds by the player wearing the drawing board on their forehead! Win tokens for both drawing and guessing items correctly such as Stonehenge, a Rake, Toes, a Zebra Crossing and a Tight-Rope Walker! Skribble head can be played with three of more players age 8 and over and is great fun for all the family or as an after dinner game. £14.95 Stockists: Amazon, Waterstones and all good Independent Toy and Gift stores.
5. The new 2015 Edition of Family Fortunes (rrp £19.99) from Drumond Park has 300 new questions and miniature versions of the props you see on the TV show – you even get the famous “UH -UH” buzzer. The game is suitable for players aged 8 years and up. The perfect game to play as two families or teams. Just like on TV you get to battle it out in the Single Money, Double Money and Big Money rounds and there are chances for you to gain Bonus Points too. This game is ideal for family and social gatherings and after-dinner entertainment, providing hours of enjoyment and multi-generational fun – perfect for that Boxing Day get together. 
6. QI Puzzles and Products (£8.00 each). If you’re a fan of the TV programme QI, you’ll know the kind of antics the presenters and guests get up to each show. The QI Square Bubbles is inspired by a demo on the show that Stephen Fry carried out. You will be able to impress your family and friends by making your own square bubbles with this simple kit. Another set that is sure to impress is the QI Sand, with the kit you can build your own sandcastle. The includes two lots of sand and instructions.

My Three love to make things and at Christmas, it’s no different in fact if anything it makes them want to make more things. They always make a card for their grandparents and sometimes a present too. My Three are ambassadors for Baker Ross and when they get craft supplies they can’t wait to get stuck in. This year they have been sent lots of festive crafts and are planning on a craft day or two whilst they’re on their break from school. 

1. Gingerbread House Photo frame Kit (£2.99). Each kit contains enough supplies to make 5 photo frames. Each individual kit contains a foam template, self-adhesive foam pieces and self-adhesive magnet. The gingerbread house size 11cm x 11cm

2. Gingerbread Gang Sewing Kit (£3.60). The kit contains three individual packs and is suitable for children aged 5+. Each kit includes pre-cut felt shapes, self-adhesive felt pieces, plastic needle, ribbon, yarn and stuffing.

3. Build a Snowman House (£1.99). The Kit contains foam house templates, foam base and self-adhesive foam decorations – no glue is required. Suitable for children aged 5+.

4. Peg Angels (£2.99) – The pack contains enough materials to make 4 peg angels, including wooden pegs, glitter foam wings, felt pieces, self-adhesive foam pieces, wool, pipe-cleaner and ribbon. Suitable for children aged 5+.

5. Design your own Christmas tree decoration (£3.49) The pack comes with 6 trees, each one ready to be decorated with pens, stickers, sequins and glitter (not included but can all be bought from Baker Ross). They come with gold hanging cords.

6. Nativity Stained Glass Lantern Kits (£3.49). The pack contains 4 lantern kits. Each kit includes card lantern template and coloured tissue paper. Suitable for ages 5+.

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