Og On The Bog Review

Recently Drumond Park sent My Three their Og On The Bog (£22.99) game to play. I can tell you that they love it. As the name suggests the game is based around an ogre sat on a toilet – lovely…

My Three are what you would call “normal” boys they find toilet humour funny and if anyone mentions anything remotely disgusting they fall about laughing… Playing Og On The Bog gave them plenty of laughs that’s for sure.

Og on The Bog Game

Inside the box you will find:

Contents of Og on the Bog Game

Og in his Outhouse
12 toilet rolls
1 spinner 

The aim of the game is to be the first player to steal four toilet rolls. You can steal them from Og or from other players if you land on the steal section of the spinner.Each player takes it in turns to spin the spinner, the youngest player goes first. If you land on a tick you get to press the button near Og’s outhouse if he grunts or farts you get to take one of his loo rolls. If however you disturb him and he speaks (and he comes out with some beauties) then you have to leave empty handed. If Og’s outhouse explodes you lose all your rolls and have to start again.

Og Sat on His Bog
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