When Throwing A Strop Get’s You Everywhere….

I love the X Factor…. I admit it I am an addict. I have never missed an episode since the show began back in 2004. I have even been lucky enough to win tickets to the live finals twice (James Arthur and Sam Bailey won those years). Call me sad if you like – Matthew does often and hates having the TV hijacked every weekend from the end of August until the week before Christmas but he knows the deal and that it’s one of my guilty pleasures.

But this year I have been less than impressed with the way that the series is so far panning out and I am unsure if I will even tune into the live shows. The majority of people who audition are amazing and are seriously talented – you would never ever ever get me on TV or singing in public for that matter…. but back to my point….

How on earth did Mason Noise ( brilliant name by the way to whoever thought of that) make it through to the live shows that start next week? I know I am not alone in my feelings on this and I truly believe that the last boy who was sent packing should have been given the seat that Tom Bleasby gave up. Mason wasn’t even given a seat by mentor and judge Nick Grimshaw because he had a spat with Simon Cowell over the amount of air time that he been given at boot camp, it made for very uncomfortable viewing and even had Mr Cowell branding Mason an A******e. I’m sorry but somebody needs to learn a few manners.. My boys all know that if they throw a hissy fit over not getting their own way then they will be left to stew, will not be given what they wanted and then made to apologise for being rude. They know that they can’t have everything they want and that throwing a hissy fit will not change that.

Am I the only one who thinks that the X Factor has just sent out a very wrong message to viewers the world over.. Stomp your feet and you will get where / whatever you want? I won’t deny that Mason has a good voice… As I think he does and I even said so much to Matthew and my friend from his first audition that he was great but his six seat challenge “stunt” showed what a horrible selfish brat he truly is. Yes I understand that not getting the same airtime as other contestants can be annoying and frustrating but it is what it is and if your voice is good enough then you will get where you should / need to be on that merit alone. Even Nick said if he hadn’t acted the way he did he would have had a seat…. but his actions made him unable to do so. So I ask you Nick why the massive U-turn. Why did you bring him back instead of one of the other contestants who didn’t moan, complain and or make a total fool out of themselves?

Do you think Nick Grimshaw was right to bring back Mason Noise and then take him to the live shows? I would love to hear your thoughts….

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