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Power Rangers were very popular when I was younger, they were one of my little brother’s favourite TV programmes when he was younger and My Three think they’re pretty great too. They love them and are always pretending to be their favourite character. The Power Rangers have changed a little over the years and with each change there is always a new range of toys. Recently Bandai sent us some toys from their newest range to try out.

The action figure we were sent was the Black Ranger. He stands at 12.5 cm tall and has 13 points of articulation. Included within his pack you will find 2 battle gear items that can be placed in his hands. Each figure has plenty of detail to them. There are 4 figures in the set to collect (one of each of the Power Rangers). The figures are suitable for children aged 4 and over because of their small parts and priced around £9.95 each.

The boys were also sent a Dino Charge Megazord toy. This toy was by far Nathan’s favourite and he loved the fact that it could be played as one big dinosaur or transformed into 3 separate ones. It can be played with as the Megazord as the three individual dinosaurs. If you watch the series on TV you will know that each of the Power Rangers has it’s own dinosaur that they can use / call to help them in times of need but when they are in serious trouble all the Power Rangers can work together and their Dino Charges can join together to make the ultimate fighting machine that is able to defeat even the toughest of bad guys. 


The Dino Charge Megazord is suitable for children aged over 4 years old due to the toy having small parts. This toy doesn’t really need much assembling but it can be a little tricky to transform from one complete dinosaur to three individual dinosaurs and vice versa, once we had figured it out a couple of times it became easier and even Nathan was able to complete them on his own. The Megazord is priced around £35 and available from all good toy stockists both instore and online.

Unlike a lot of toys the Power Rangers toys do not require batteries. They are well made and quite sturdy. I like the attention that has been paid to the detail of all the toys. They look exactly like the TV characters which can be a bit hit and miss with other toys that are on the market. As the toys make no sound they require your children to use their imagination to play and make them come alive. Nathan and James love recreating what they have seen on TV with their toys but they also love playing with them with other toys that they own so that they have even more fun.

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