Pets At Home Advance Nutrition Campaign

Regular readers of My Three and Me will know that we have two dogs in our house. We have Pepper a 7 year old Boxer and Ziggy a 1 year old French Bulldog. Recently we were asked by Pets at Home to take part in a month long campaign with one of them. When I heard that the campaign would be based around changing one of the dogs diets I thought of Ziggy straight away. 

A lot of pet owners think that it doesn’t matter what food they feed their pet, if it’s for sale then it has to be good for them… Well I can tell you that this is wring and you could have a very unhappy pet because of it. But by changing your pet’s diet it really could have a huge effect on their quality of life,. It could also improve their overall health. By changing their diet you may notice that they have an improved skin and coat, smaller and firmer stools, and maybe even a rise in their energy levels. Sometimes pet food can contain a lot of ingredients that are unidentifiable (which may be the cause of all your pets problems) but  a change to Natural or Advanced Nutrition food could help you tailor their diet to suit their needs.

To be able to take part in the month long campaign we were asked to take Ziggy along to our local Pets at Home store for a consultation with a nutrition expert. I booked our free Dog Nutrition Consultation online, it was very easy to arrange and you can choose a store and time to suit you. You will be in the consultation from 20 minutes up to an hour depending on how much you have to tell the nutrition expert. You will be given an exclusive discount voucher to use on the purchase of your recommended food.

We were greeted by a lovely expert at our local store. Ziggy was a massive hit with all the staff (even if he did wee on the floor!!!). We were asked what type of food Ziggy already ate and what his eating habits were. I have to be honest and say that the only problem we have ever had with Ziggy is that he has an awful wind problem and when I say awful I mean he can clear the room and trump at least 10 times an hour sometimes more. Nothing we have tried with him has worked as yet. With this in mind out nutrition expert talked us through the types of food she thought would be better for Ziggy than what he was currently eating. On the shelf were many brands of food from Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved to Wainright’s and Pro Plan. 

Our expert listed the things that she thought was causing Ziggy’s wind problem the main one being that his diet was too rich in protein and that the food didn’t have a high meat content so in fact although it looked like he was getting a good food he really wasn’t. We were recommended that Ziggy try Wainright’s Adult Turkey and Rice Complete Dog food. It is made from high quality ingredients and has a minimum of 30% Turkey and 38% brown rice. The Wainwright’s Adult Complete Dog Food is hypo-allergenic and suitable for adult dogs aged 1 to 7 years old. 


Over the next week we will be gradually swapping Ziggy on to his new food, I will tell you all about how he got on with it at the end of the campaign.

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