Top Tips For Travelling with Your Dog

When you are travelling with your dog it can be difficult but it doesn’t need to be. We have two dogs and often taken them with us when we go for days out. We even take them on holiday with us and as long as we’re prepared before setting off we’ve never encountered a problem. Here are my top 10 tips for travelling with your dog.
  • Use a harness or a dog guard to keep you and the dog safe. If you are travelling on your own then you need to make sure your pet is out of harms way. When we travel Ziggy sits in my foot well and I have a firm hold of his lead. But if Matthew is taking him out on his own he always makes sure that he is placed in the back of our car where he can’t cause any distractions.
  • Take a crate or bed with you – if you’re going on holiday with your pet and they usually sleep in a crate, take it with you so they have a safe and familiar place to sleep.
  • Take a familiar blanket/something from home so they feel relaxed and safe. This can be placed in the boot with them so that they have something familiar to them in the car with them.
  • Don’t feed your dog just before travelling as they are likely to lose the contents of their stomach in one way or another all over your car.
  • Take some treats for your pet but don’t feed them too many when travelling in case they are sick
  • Make sure the car is a good temperature for your dog 
  • Allow time for lots of breaks – when travelling with both children and dogs you are definitely going to need at least one wee stop on your travels.
  • Take extra bedding and cleaning materials if your dog is prone to being travel sick
  • If you are going abroad with your pet make sure you have all the correct paperwork and jabs / vet checks they need before travelling.
  • Make sure you take note of vets local to the place you are staying so that if an emergency arises you know where you can take your pet for treatment.

It’s great to do some research before going on holiday and perhaps making a list of important things to remember / do. You can find a lot of tips online, I found the information from Pets at Home really useful. The next time we go away will hopefully be for our wedding – obviously the dogs won’t be able to come with us so we will be making sure that we research what’s best for them as they have never stayed anywhere other than with us or families.

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