TabletTV Review

Have you ever gone away and wished you could watch your favourite programme or sat down in your tent whilst camping and thought that you’ll just spend half an hour watching a programme on your tablet to realise you don’t have a signal? if so then you’re not alone. I’ve done this a couple of times in the past and yes I know you don’t go away to just sit in front of a TV but sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy a little comfort from home – my soaps and radio being the main ones. If you said yes then there is a simple solution to this dilemma. This solution is TabletTV.

So what is Tablet TV I hear you ask … simply put TabletTV is a battery-powered tuner that receives all the Freeview channels and then transmits them to your tablet via wifi meaning you can watch and record live TV on your tablet wherever you are and whenever you want.


To be able to watch TV via TabletTV you need to download the TabletTV app. It is available for iOS and Android tablets from the App Store and Google Play. It has been designed to receive and record Freeview television and radio channels in the UK.

Once you have downloaded your app you need to set up your tuner. This is so simple to do if you follow the instructions properly. You need to pull the antenna out fully on the tuner, make sure it’s in a good place to get a signal, turn the tuner on, go to your wifi settings on your tablet and select TabletTV from the drop down list, once connected the to the tuners wifi you can then launch the TabletTV app. Once you’ve opened the app you can then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the set up.


The tuner receives all Freeview channels and radio stations that are available through a TV aerial and transmits them wirelessly to your tablet – this is great news for us as we love to go camping in the summer months and Matthew who loves to go fishing will now be able to take either the iPad or Galaxy tab with him to be able to either watch or record and watch later his programmes like the F1 (well if it’s a race that’s on BBC)… but this is great news for me as it means I get to watch the race as it happens at home instead of waiting for him to come home… a win win situation in our house for sure.


With TabletTV you can:

  • Watch and record live television absolutely FREE
  • Play back recorded shows anywhere, anytime
  • No cable, satellite, or internet required for viewing
  • No buffering, wait times, or authentication

The tuner comes with a rechargeable battery which charges via USB again another plus for us as we recently received our free power bars from EE so if we needed to whilst away we can charge our tablet or TabletTV tuner.


If you’d like to buy your own TabletTV you can do so from Amazon for £69.99.

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