Spearmark Football Light Review

Over the coming months we are planning to decorate the whole house top to bottom. Whilst we are at it, we’re also going to swap the boys bedrooms around, Callum as the eldest will be having a room of his own and Nathan and James will share a room together. Nathan and James have already been discussing what theme they’d like their new room to be – we’ve had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Avengers and numerous others so far and I’m certain they’re not finished yet… luckily for them they have a couple of months before we start stripping the wallpaper in their room before they have to decide. Callum on the other hand decided right away that he wanted an Arsenal themed bedroom which I think will be quite easy to incorporate.

Although his room doesn’t need new furniture ( the bed and wardrobe / drawers are only a few years old and in reasonable condition) we do think that a few new accessories will complete the look of his new room – the idea so far is red and white paintwork with Arsenal bedding and curtains, a new lampshade, a bedside light and a few posters on the walls. Recently we were sent a football light from Spearmark Lighting. I was asked to choose which light the boys would like and as soon as I saw the Football shaped light I knew it would fit in well with Callum’s new room.

The light uses 3 x LR44 batteries which are included in the box. As the light is battery operated it can be moved anywhere in your room. It is stays cool to touch  constantly so there’s no need to worry if your child picks the light up whilst it’s switched on. It is intended to be held or as an ornament so must not be kicked or bounced. The light features colours that change, these change automatically. It can be used on a desk or as a night light in your child’s bedroom.

Football light lit up white Football Light lit up green football light lit up purple

Callum loves his new light and can’t wait until his room is finished so he can show it off properly. We were torn between this and the football boot light but he has been told that if he’s really good Santa may bring him the other light so that he can have them both on display in his room. If football isn’t your thing then Spearmark have other child orientated lights to choose from including a DJ head and a Sneaker shaped light.

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