Bringing Pictures to Life with Bink

My Three are always drawing pictures both at home and at school. I love seeing their creations and the best ones get pride of place on in the kitchen both on the walls and kitchen cupboards. Recently I was contacted by Bink to see if I would like some of the boys pictures brought to life. I agreed as I couldn’t think of anything better than a permanent reminder of their beautiful work.

Bink offers a service that takes a child’s drawing and turns it into a permanent reminder, you can have the pictures made into keyrings, ornaments or jigsaw puzzles. I love that any drawing can be used to make one of the products and the thing that makes these products unique is that your child can paint and draw on the products once they are sent to you, making them just like the original or something completely different.  Prices start from a very reasonable £5.

If you’d like to make your little ones drawings come to life it couldn’t be simpler. You simply send Bink a photo of your child’s drawing and they do the rest. They scan in the picture you have sent, make a trace of it using special software, create your product and then send it to you in flat pack form. Once you product is back you can keep it plain or get your little ones to colour it in.


You can see the pictures that were drawn by the boys and the products that were created below. My favourite is the one that has all 3 boys on it. This was the first ever picture James drew of himself with his brothers. I will be leaving this picture plain as I think it looks better that way.


I really love that these products are so personal and unique. I think they’d make great gift ideas and decorations.

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