Bella Extract Pro Blender

I think I have a problem… a big problem…

You see I love gadgets and I especially love gadgets that belong in my kitchen. If I’m honest I’m running out of space for them but there’s nothing better than having a gadget sat on your worktop that is a multi-functioning tool, so I will continue to add to it in any way that I can. A little while ago I was sent a Bella Extract Pro Blender to try out and add to my collection. I have to say that I love it and it has been used a lot over the last couple of months in my house. I am currently trying to lose weight and I am trying to get more of my five a day into my diet so I have been drinking lots of fruit smoothies.

On first opening the box I noticed that the Extract Pro is very eye catching and looks very stylish – it fits in well with my kitchen décor and all the other gadgets that I have in my kitchen. It doesn’t take up much space on my worktop which is a good thing as there isn’t much room left on my worktops. I like that the blender has suction cups on its base so that it doesn’t move when in use.

The Extract Pro is very a versatile gadget, it has ten different  functions – smoothie, puree, blend, grind,chop, pulse, frozen slush, ice crush, high and low speed. The blender has stainless steel blending and grinding blades it means that the valuable nutrients from foods are extracted quickly meaning all the goodness remains in your food. It comes with four different blending cups and two different blades so that you get unique and personal blending every time you use it. 

Bella Extract Pro Blender Settings

It has a 700 watt motor meaning that it can crush and liquidise almost anything with very little effort. One of my favourite functions is that it is able to crush ice cubes – it has been perfect for making slushes to enjoy whilst the weather has been nice. I also love that it grinds ingredients such as nuts so that they are of a perfect consistency, meaning you no longer have to spend more on ingredients just because they are chopped or ground rather than whole. 

The blender is really simple to use. you simply select the blade you want to use (blender or grinder), screw it onto the container you wish to use or the jug, lock it into the base and then select the programme you want. It really is that easy.


The Extract pro comes with a BPA-free 1.5 Litre jug, two 700ml tumblers and one 350ml tumbler and because there is a travel lid for the tumblers – I can make up a smoothie and take it out with me when I leave the house or I can make one for the boys to take with them on the school run. Other lids are included so there is no reason why you can’t make up a smoothie or a soup and then place it in the fridge until needed later. All the lids and containers are dishwasher safe so they can be washed along with all your other every day dishes.


You can purchase the Bella Extract Pro from Argos for £59.99. 

Overall, I am really impressed with the blender. It has so many uses and makes tasks that used to be so tedious so very easy and mess free. I am really looking forward to making my own soups as the colder weather arrives too.

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