Summer Fun with Baker Ross

The summer holidays are almost over and I think My Three are well and truly ready to go back to school. Whilst they have been off we have done so many different things to keep them busy but I was so pleased when a box of crafting materials arrived from Baker Ross as it meant that the boys would have lots of fun things to do and as the weather has been so nice (well except for the “small flooding problem we had at the weekend) we decided that we would make the most of the sunshine and do our crafts outside.

Upon inspection of the crafts we were sent I was really pleased to see that all the activities were educational too. The first activity we worked on was creating some African Masks. James really enjoyed this task and loved that he could make it exactly how he wanted. This activity is one that is as educational as you make it. Nathan has recently been doing a project about Africa in school so he knew why the people there wore masks and the importance of them. He loved being able to fill his brothers in on this topic. Each pack contains 6 different masks for your little ones to colour how they want. We used felt tips to colour ours in but you could use paints, wax crayons or pencil crayons too and if you were feeling particularly messy you could use feathers and glitter glue.


The next activity we got stuck in to was creating the solar system. This activity comes in a set of two. It states that you need paints for this set and I would highly recommend that you make sure you have some in before opening up the set. We didn’t have any paints and so used felt pens which did work a little bit but we did end up with messy hands from the ink coming off each of the planets, having said that we still had lots of fun and James even learnt a little bit about the planets in our solar system. Callum and Nathan found this activity really easy and as they know the order of how close each planet is to the sun they took very little time competing their solar system. These kits are fun and relatively easy to complete but I would recommend an adult assembling the structure as the planets need to be secured using wooden skewer sticks – ours were quite sharp.


I think my favourite activity was making hand drums. We used stickers to decorate our drums. Each kit comes with enough materials to make four drums – so ideal for if you have more than one child to entertain. The drums were relatively easy to complete although the boys did need a little help with putting their decorative beads onto their ribbons.I like that you can decorate the drums any way you want. As I said we used stickers but you could decorate them with colourful patterns, glitter glue etc and as they are made from card and paper you could paint or colour them with whatever you like – perfect for those just starting out crafting or those who are a little more used to getting stuck in.


Overall I would say each activity took us no longer than an hour each some were a lot less than that. I love that the majority of Baker Ross activities are quick and easy to complete and they have certainly helped us pass the time this school holiday. They’re great to take on holiday with you – especially the less messier activities but they’re also great for parties or for stocking up to do when the weather isn’t so nice outside. All Baker Ross products are reasonable priced so they don’t break the bank. Most activities come as a pack of at least two so there is always plenty to keep your little ones busy. My Three love their crafting sessions and we always look forward to when our next box arrives as we never know what to expect as there is just so much to choose from.

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