Our Dream Lego House

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if the boys would like to take part in a competition. All they had to do was make the house of their dreams from Lego. The boys love Lego and can always be found making something or other from the boxes of bricks that clutter up their bedrooms so I agreed as this is a competition that is most definitely up their street and with a mummy who loves to enter competitions I couldn’t pass up the chance to let my competitive spark out.
The boys were sent a box of Lego to enable them to build their Dream House. They all had lots of ideas of what they wanted to include in the house. Once they received their box of bricks they got to work.

From the outside their house looks pretty normal… 4 walls a door and a few windows… It has a flat roof which Nathan informed me was for his helicopter and heli-pad. Oh and to be able to sunbathe when the weather is nice. As you can see he has also added a beautiful flowerbed (because the bees need somewhere to come and do their magic – oh I love the thoughts of my 7 year old’s mind) and a duck pond so that he can feed the ducks whenever he wants – James asked for this to be a fish pond so that he could practice catching lots of fish with his dad – I love how my boys always think of others.


You may also notice the Back to the Future Delorean on the “drive” Nathan said that this is a must for him so that he can go to and from the future whenever he wants ( I told you they had lots of Lego – this just gave them the excuse to show off their skills and other sets).

Inside the house I was told there would be 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a games room, a cinema room, a living room and a kitchen that had appliances that cooked food for you to eat and washed your clothes for you – I told Nathan that just sounded like our kitchen but he was like oh no mummy this is different as you don’t need to do anything they just know what you want to eat and they cook it for you… I don’t think he knows how a kitchen works – well when these magical appliances are invented please add my name to the top of the order list as I think they sound amazing – not having to cook or prepare food and have the washing done for you too – sounds good to me…

If you’re a blogger, have children and would like to enter the Lego Dream Home Competition (the prize is a £150 Toys R Us voucher to the winner) check out Ocean Finance’s Lego Dream House Competition page. Here you will find all the details you need to enter.

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