Flashback Friday

 This week’s Flashback is a picture that I love. It’s a picture that was taken without Nathan knowing. He’s busy playing on his computer game and Ziggy just lays over him, snoring his head off without a care in the world – I’m not sure how comfy either of them was but they were like that for quite a while.


Flashback Friday Rules:
  • Your Flashback can be an old photo (with or without words), an old post – anything you like
  • Link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog
  • You can post up to two links a week – one old post and one old photo post
  • Add my button to the bottom of the post/picture you’re linking up so everyone can see where the linky originated (copy the code from the box below)
  • Comment on my Flashback Friday post and/or others who have already posted (this rule isn’t mandatory but it’s a nice thing to do)


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