Ravensburger Shaped 3D Minion Puzzle

Recently My Three were sent another 3D Minion Puzzle from Ravensburger. Just like the ones we’d received before this puzzle was an instant hit with the boys. They love the crazy yellow characters from Despicable Me but then again who doesn’t, they are so funny.

The puzzle is made up of 54 curved pieces. Each curved piece is numbered so you know which piece comes next. Each piece also has an arrow showing you if the piece is to be placed next to or above the one before. 
The Minion puzzle is aimed at children aged 7 and over. Callum found the puzzle easy to complete and didn’t need any help from me. I would say that this puzzle took callum around 10 – 15 minutes to complete. He found it easier when piling up the pieces into sets of 10’s. This made the pieces easy to find.

Once completed this unique Stuart shaped puzzle can be displayed on it’s stand (provided in the box). I think that this puzzle would make a great gift for any Minion fan young or old, alternatively you can dismantle them and rebuild it over and over again for continuous hours of fun.

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