Bionic Urban Stick Dog Toy Review

Over the years I have lost count of the amount of money we have spent buying dog toys. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind spending money on my dogs (far from it) but I have to say that I do get annoyed when I spend a lot of money on toys for them and they last no longer than half an hour. If we’re lucky then they maybe get a week’s play out of them at the most. Both Ziggy and Pepper are chewers and thankfully this is kept to just their toys now they’re older so when we buy toys we have to ensure that they will last and that we will get our moneys worth out of them. Recently we were sent a Bionic Urban Stick Dog Toy for Pepper and Ziggy to have a play with. Bionic claims that these toys are almost indestructible – my two are certain to prove this one way or another.

The Bionic Urban Stick toy that we were sent is designed for large dogs weighing between 13 – 27kg. There are smaller toys available for smaller dogs. Ziggy weighs just under this at 11kg and Pepper weighs 25kg so is within the recommended weight range. But I have to say that Ziggy has no trouble fitting the toy in his mouth, playing tug of war or carrying the toy. I think they actually like that is it big enough for them both to grab hold of it and try to pull it from one and other.

I really like that the toy is a Splinter-free design, we have all heard the stories about dogs playing fetch and needing emergency surgery because a stick has injured them, well this toy is designed to stop that. You can throw it like a normal stick and your dog can go and retrieve it without the danger of being impaled from an incorrect catch. There are no sharp edges on the toy and it even floats so should your pooch like to go for a swim then their toy won’t get lost in water.

The dogs have had this toy for the last couple of weeks. It has been chewed non-stop pretty much all of this time. It barely has any marks on it from their constant chewing – which to me gets the toy a massive thumbs up. As I said earlier they both are known for their destruction of toys. The way that the toy is designed with ridges across its top makes it appealing for dogs to chew and keeps them interested in it. As there are hollow ends you can fill the toy with your dog’s favourite treats to keep them entertained for even longer and what’s even more impressive is that it can be put in the dishwasher to clean it if needs be.


Overall I was very impressed with the toy and still am. It is most definitely a firm favourite with our dogs and they love to play with it. There is hardly a mark on it so I know that they will be able to continue chewing on it for a while longer. The toys aren’t cheap but they are definitely worth the money for piece of mind that it’s going to last. We will certainly be on the look out for other Bionic toys in the future.

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