Are You Feeding Your Pets The Right Amount?

Pepper and Ziggy are not just our pets they’re our family too. We make sure that they are wormed, flea treated and groomed regularly. We also make sure that they have a good diet of food to eat, after all we eat well and healthily they should too…

When it comes to feeding the pooches I always measure out their food to make sure that they are getting the correct amount for their weight / age. As there is a big difference in breed, weight and age between them it is important to make sure they eat the correct amount – I would hate to overfeed one and under feed the other. When they are given treats it is only treats that are of benefit to them and not on an everyday basis. I know that feeding them correctly is the key to long, happy and healthy lives – my dogs growing up lived to the grand ages of 12 and 14 – they were never overfed and were certainly never offered treats on a regular basis and I believe that their diets played a huge part in their long lives.

One way Pepper and Ziggy have their treats is with a toy. We place some treats inside a rubber toy so that they have to try and get it back out again. This is a great tool when they are left alone as it means that they don’t get bored easily and it means that they don’t get all their treats at once. I highly recommend a Kong type toy for this.

If you are unsure about how / what you should be feeding your pet take a look at the diagram below, it has lots of information from Hills Pets.


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