My #SlimFastChallenge

Today is the start of my two week #SlimFastChallenge. For the next fortnight I will be following SlimFast’s 3.2.1 Plan. With the plan I will be able to eat three snacks, two meal replacement products and one balanced meal a day. I love that there are many products from SlimFast so there’s no chance of me getting bored / fed up with them. I’m overjoyed that I can even keep chocolate within my diet with the chocolate flavoured shakes, meal replacement bars and snack bars.

I stepped on the scales today to see a starting weight of 11st 9lb. I calculated my BMI and saw that the calculation showed my BMI was scored at 27 – meaning that for my 5 ft 5″ frame I am in fact overweight. A healthy BMI for someone of my height is anywhere between 18 – 25 and my ideal weight should be between 7st 13lb and 10st 11lb. By following the SlimFast 3.2.1 Plan I should hopefully lose 1 – 2 lb a week. For the last two weeks I have also been using the 30 Day Shred Workout DVD and will continue to do the workout every day.

I’m hoping that with the  combination of exercise and a calorie controlled diet I will start so see the difference – Matthew and I are still planning our wedding and I would love to weigh 9st 6lb before our big day and although we are yet to set a date my overall goal is to achieve this weight and then maintain it. I know that there is no quick fix to losing weight but with determination it can and will be achieved. 

You can follow my progress on Twitter and Instagram. I will be updating you all in two weeks on how I have found the plan.

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