Spring Cleaning with Astonish

With three boys, two dogs and a man about the house our home is never clean and tidy for long. I try to have a quick tidy round everyday and on a weekend I give the whole house a top to bottom blitz. But every now and again I like to really go to town and give even the out of sight places a good scrub. I don’t know about you but I always like to have a good clear out as the weather gets nicer. The windows get opened and cleaned inside and out, the nets and curtains come down for a wash and the carpets (well the few that we have) get their yearly shampoo. Recently I was sent a bundle of cleaning products from Astonish so I thought that I would put them to use on one of my blitzing sessions. They have a variety of products designed to make your life easier. From cleaning your bathroom to your kitchen, your oven, windows and polishing your furniture there is an Astonish product that will do the job. I was sent some oven, glass, bathroom and kitchen cleaners along with some mould and mildew remover. I loved that the cleaners were sent in this handy carrier meaning all my cleaning products can be kept tidily together and all to hand when I need them.

I think the job that I hate the most when I clean is cleaning the oven. There is nothing worse than stuck on food in the bottom of the oven ( yes, I always forget to put a tray under the weekend pizzas) burning away and sticking even more. It’s a job that requires a lot of elbow grease and will power on my part but using Astonish’s Oven and Cookware cleaner this job is now one that isn’t as hard as it used to be. Using the paste with a cloth or soft scourer you can clean all the oven, shelves, glass and the bottom and you can even use the paste on your pans and kitchen tiles too so perfect for getting rid of those unavoidable food splashes that often occur in the kitchen. You can even use it on your sink too.


If you have a shower at home you will know that mould and mildew can be a real problem. We are lucky in that our shower is attached to our bath via a mixer tap but we still do get mould and mildew building up on the bathroom tiles and walls from time to time so I like to keep on top of it if I can so make sure it doesn’t be come a problem. I love that  the Astonish’s Mould and Mildrew remover gets to work in 2 minutes and kills spores and helps to stop their regrowth. You can use the spray in your bathroom, shower and kitchen.


I was also sent some floor cleaner which smells lush. I don’t know what it is about floor cleaners but I love their fresh clean smell and with two dogs in the house you can be sure my kitchen floor is moped on average every other day – if it’s raining then this can be a few times a day – so its probably a good job that I like the smell of them. Another one of my pets hates around the house is when then kids leave their little finger prints on mirrors and windows – why on earth they need to do this I don’t know but with a good glass cleaner and a couple of pieces of kitchen roll they’re soon back to their streak and smear free best.


I am an animal lover and always buy products that have not been tested on animals no matter what. I believe that we can have products without the use of animal testing, so I love that all Astonish products are Cruelty Free and have never been tested on animals. You can stock up on Astonish products from most supermarkets and discount stores from at little as £1 each. Although they maybe cheap they do a great job of cleaning your house.

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