Half Term Crafting Fun

This week the boys have been really busy having lots of fun making lots of crafty things. My Three are ambassadors for Baker Ross and every so often they are sent a box full of crafts. Recently they received a box full of summer themed activities to enjoy including ceramic gnomes to decorate, polystyrene fish to decorate, mermaid bookmarks to weave and small sea creatures to sew.

The first activity that the boys wanted to take part in was decorating their ceramic gnomes. Each pack contains 4 gnomes that are ready to be painted. We used special porcelain decorating pens for our gnomes but acrylic paint would work just as well. The boys found the activity really fun to complete and it was something that they could do themselves.

Our next activity was making monster magnets. Each pack contains 10 monsters. You decorate them by scratching away the special coated surface using the little plastic pens provided. you can decorate them any way you wish – making them as scary as you like. This is a really quick activity and can be done within a matter of minutes. My monsters now have pride and place on my fridge.


The next activity we completed took a little more patience and practice as weaving isn’t something the boys or myself do on a regular basis but like the other activities we had completed it was enjoyable and fairly easy once we’d had a little practice. Once we had weaved our ribbons it was time to construct our bookmarks. What I loved about this activity is that everything is cut to shape ready to use which saves the use of scissors or other sharp implements. Most of the pieces are sticky backed so they are easy to complete and if you put them in the wrong place they can easily be moved and placed correctly. James said that he will be giving his bookmark to the boys Nanna and Nathan said that he wants to give his to their Grandma – I’m sure they will both love their new bookmarks and will use them lots as they both love to read.


A really quick activity was decorating our polystyrene fish. Each set comes with 6 fish ready to be decorated. You can use felt tip pens or paints to decorate them. You could even use sequins and glitter if you wanted to get nice and messy. As you can see from our pictures the boys loved this activity.


The final activity we did  was making our very own sea creatures. The pack contains 3 animals for you to create – a fish, a whale and a sea turtle. Nathan really enjoyed this activity and chose to create the clown fish. He said it was just like Nemo and his Dad from Finding Nemo. To create your sea creature you need to sew. This is something Nathan found easy to do and needed very little help from me, whereas James did struggle a little and needed more help from myself. As all the holes are already prepared the animals are easy to complete. Once you have sewn them together you need to fill the middle with the stuffing and then add the finishing details including googly eyes and the precut / sticky felt detailed pieces.

Overall I would say each activity took us no longer than half an hour each. They are quick and easy to complete and certainly help pass the time. They’re great to take on holiday with you – especially the less messier activities but they’re also great for parties or for stocking up to do when the weather isn’t so nice outside. All Baker Ross products are reasonable priced and start from as little as a couple of pound so they don’t break the bank. Most activities come as a pack so there is always plenty to keep your little ones busy. My Three love their crafting sessions and we always look forward to when our next box arrives as we never know what to expect as there is just so much to choose from.

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