Flashback Friday

You may noticed that there was no Flashback Friday last week – we had a busy few days with dentist visits and I had a day out at the races. But I am pleased to say that we are back to normal this week.

As it’s half term I thought this week’s Flashback Friday should be one from half term. This picture was taken the first time we took the boys to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We had a lovely day and the weather was great. This photo was taken whilst I was “enjoying” The Big One. I think I would have rather had my picture taken with Spongebob too as I’m really not a fan of rollercoasters at all…

Rules for Flashback Friday:
  • Your Flashback can be a picture, an old post – anything you like
  • Link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog
  • Only post one link a week 
  • Add my button to the bottom of your post so everyone can see where the linky originated (copy the code from the box below)
  • Comment on my Flashback Friday post  and / or others who have already posted (this rule isn’t mandatory but it’s a nice thing to do)
My Three and Me
My Three and Me

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