Tasty Little Numbers Biscuits

I love chocolate, I love biscuits and I especially love biscuits that are covered in chocolates. However, I have a huge problem with portion control. I could sit there and eat a full bar of chocolate, half a packet of biscuits or more in one sitting if I’m in the mood. This is a big no no for anyone but especially for someone trying to plan and keep in shape for their wedding. But luckily for people like me, who have no will power to resist yummy treats there are Tasty Little Numbers.

Tasty Little Numbers are a company that makes snacks, crisps, cakes and biscuits that are between 100 – 300 calories and mostly gluten free. Meaning you can have the things you like without over indulging as you know exactly what each of the products you are consuming contains.

We were recently sent a box containing 40 Tasty Little Number Biscuit bars. Inside the box you will find 20 Milk Chocolate Biscuits, 10 Dark Chocolate Biscuits and 10 White Chocolate Biscuits. The biscuits come in boxes of 5 and are individually wrapped making them ideal for lunchboxes and snacks on the go.
Each biscuit is covered in delicious Belgian Chocolate and contains just 100 calories. I love that this is made clear on the packet as some food wrapping and wording can be confusing meaning people mistake what they are eating. Every bar is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians too. 
You can purchase the mixed box of 40 biscuits for £20 which works out as a very reasonable 50p per bar. Tasty Little Numbers products are perfect for those trying to control the potion sizes that they eat. No one is saying you can’t enjoy a biscuit / bar of chocolate with your dinner or a little snack in an evening but it’s always good to be able to keep track of the amount of calories you are consuming.

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