My #UpbeatChallenge Round Up

If you follow My Three and Me on Twitter and Instagram you may have seen that for the first week of the Easter holidays we were taking part in a challenge with some other bloggers. I try to eat a well balanced diet and I try to make sure that the boys eat healthy too. But it can be a struggle as it’s sometimes more expensive and difficult to eat healthy all the time but for the challenge we all worked hard and made sure we ate a mixture of high protein meals. We were sent some Upbeat protein drinks and a weeks worth of protein packed foods to see if eating a high protein diet made us feel any different. Foods we were sent included meat, fish, nuts, cheese and fruit.


Did you know that everyone needs protein in their diet for healthy muscles and bones? and that we should roughly eat 1g of protein for every kg that we weigh. I have to be honest and say I didn’t know this. I also didn’t know what types of food were high in protein – although I have an inkling of foods that contain protein I just wasn’t sure on their exact amounts. So it didn’t come as a surprise to me that a lot of people are the same as myself and think that foods such as pasta, cereal and butter are good sources of protein (although I wasn’t one of these). These two tables below show the good sources of protein and the products that people believe are good sources of protein – there is a big difference in the two.


I started each day of the challenge off with a bowl of home made muesli and a glass of Upbeat. There are 3 flavours available, Strawberry, Blueberry & Raspberry and Mango & Passion Fruit. The Blueberry & Rasperry flavour was definitely my favourite of the three and definitely helped get my days off to a good start. I like that the drinks are just like drinking a yoghurt drink. By drinking just one 250ml bottle of Upbeat a day you can add 20g of protein into your diet.

Lunch each day consisted of noodles and chicken or scrambled egg on toast. Each meal was surprisingly filling even when having a small portion – but as I’d already had the muesli and drink I think this was probably why. Evening meals were a little harder to think up as I had all 5 of us to feed – the boys are relatively easy when it comes to eating and will try most things. I was surprised that they all ate and enjoyed sweet potato mash, poached salmon and green beans. Our favourite meals were definitely sweet and sour chicken noodles though and chicken fajitas loaded with peppers and tomatoes. 

Although I was meant to eat a high protein diet for a full week, I ended up having two days off as it was Callum’s 10th Birthday and we were away having fun and games for the two days. Although both days I started like the others with a bowl of muesli and my Upbeat drink, so it wasn’t all bad.

I would say that I did see an overall difference after the challenge. I found that I wasn’t snacking during the day as I was fuller from the meals I was eating – this may have something to do with the fact that I was actually eating three meals a day as sometimes I skip breakfast completely. I am a huge lover of pasta and potatoes and eat a diet that is quite high in carbohydrates but I found replacing them with the likes of noodles and sweet potatoes (which I had never tried until now) made a nice change. We will certainly be having more meals like this again in the future.

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