Teaching My Three The Value of Money Round Up

I wrote a post last week saying that we had come to the end of a task we’d been taking part in for the whole of February.

The boys had been asked by Family Investments to spend the month saving up their pocket money. They had set themselves a target to save £15 between them as they wanted to spend the money on a new game for one of their consoles. They had collected a total of £18 for the full month but had spent £9 between them in half term at the seaside – we don’t go often so when we do go they like to spend a little time playing the 2p machines in the arcades.

In the full month they had saved £9 between them. They decided that they wanted to buy a copy of Minecraft for their Xbox 360. We looked around to see if we could find the game on offer. We found it for £9.88 on Amazon. The game arrived mid week and the boys were over the moon when they opened up their delivery. They spent Saturday afternoon playing on the game and loved it.

This month has taught the boys that if they really want something they can work hard and save up for it. It may not be instant but it will come to them if they are patient. I always want them to know the value of money and not to take the things that they have for granted. They have also learnt that it pays to shop around, you can find things cheaper than you first thought and it can help you get much more for your money.

All 3 boys have said they will continue to save their pocket money up. They don’t know what they want to spend it on but I’m sure what ever it is will be worth the wait.

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