Our Visit To The Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Today we visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It’s somewhere we have always said we would take the boys but have never managed to get around to visiting. When Matthew’s brother said he was going to take us all this weekend as a treat we were all really excited and couldn’t wait to go.

There are many animals for you to see once you’re inside the park including lions, tigers, leopards, zebra, lemurs and meercats. My favourites were definitely the lions and tigers. They look so elegant and graceful laying in their enclosures. I love that the animals aren’t penned up in cages and have lots of space to roam around – you can even walk around the 800m pathway through their enclosures. 

We spent about 3 hours in the park but it was a very cold and blustery day. There is so much to do within the park that you could easily spend a lot longer. there’s areas to sit and have a picnic, play areas and there are plenty of places for you to grab something to eat.
One of the main things about the wildlife park that is different to most other parks in the UK is that you can actually walk around some of the animal enclosures so you can get up really close to the animals. James loved walking around the Wallaby walk especially as you could see some Mummy Wallabies with babies in their pouches. Nathan loved walking through the lemur enclosure and laughed a lot as the lemurs played with each other and climbed / fell through the trees.

Callum’s favourite part of our visit was seeing Victor the Polar Bear. He is the first bear to come to the park as part of their Project Polar. A programme aiming to help and improve animals in captivity and in the wild. Project Polar is a new area to the park and will have the capacity to offer homes to bears outside Europe who may have been kept in unsuitable conditions.

We only live a 30 minute car journey away from the wildlife park so we will definitely be visiting again when the nicer weather comes. If you and your little ones love visiting wildlife parks then make sure you take a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park it’s certainly worth the visit.


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