Our Blaze And The Monster Machines Party Was So Much Fun!!

Today we had our #NickJrBlaze Twitter party. If you joined us over on Twitter you would have seen all the fun that was had by ourselves and the other mummy party hosts.
James had been looking forward to the party all week as he had invited our neighbours round and he was really excited about watching the premier of the new show Blaze and the Monster Machines on the Nick Jr channel.

When our guests arrived we started our party off with a couple of quick activities before the TV programme started. They all enjoyed completing their mazes and the sorting / counting puzzle. We had a few games to see who could find the most routes on the maze and who could finish the maze quickly and we played a couple of counting games with different coloured / shaped counters.

We settled down to watch Blaze and the Monster Machines at 4pm. James was hooked from the minute the programme started. I have to admit it has a very catchy theme tune and I’m sure it’ll be one I’m singing along with once it becomes familiar. I really like that the show is educational and asks maths and science questions that has the kids replying out loud with the answers, making them learn without even thinking about it. We really enjoyed the two episodes that were on tonight and we’re looking forward to seeing more next week.


Our next activity went down a storm with the kids. We had to make a Blaze Monster Car out of chocolates and sweets. Each of the kids had a small Milky Way chocolate bar, 4 Smarties and a Jelly Baby. With a few dabs of icing they all created their cars. They didn’t last very long once they were complete as they couldn’t wait to eat them.

Once the cars had been eaten we got to work on our third task – creating our very own monster trucks. The boys had loads of fun and although our wheels kept falling off we wouldn’t be defeater and were eventually ready to have a race.


We all had fun with the Float or Sink activity. We all guessed as to what things would sink or float in our bucket of water. The kids loved getting involved and were surprised that some of the items sunk whilst others floated even though they expected otherwise.


Lastly we carried out 3 small science experiments. We had a magnet car that whizzed around when we brought the magnet near to it, we had a submarine that sank and floated when we added a little baking powder to it and we had a hovercraft that glided across the table using balloon power.

When it was time for our guests to go home we gave them a goody bag that contained a few Nick Jr bits and pieces inside. We’ve had a really fab afternoon, the boys must have enjoyed it as they went to bed a little earlier than normal and I haven’t heard a peep from them since… I think we’ll have one of these parties more often if that’s how they respond.

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