March Degustabox Review

Every month My Three and Me are sent a box of delicious foods from Degustabox. Each month I look forward to the delivery as I never know what the box contains until I open it. I get really excited when I receive an email telling me that my delivery is on it’s way as I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

Degustabox is a monthly subscription service. You pay £12.99 (this includes delivery) and each month you will receive a box of  9 – 14 surprise food products – some of which are new products. The value of items in your box will always be more than what you have paid. However, if you aren’t happy with the service and you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time as you are under no obligation to buy more boxes than you want too.


Inside this months box:

One packet of Jordans Lighter Granola (£3.69). Using only natural ingredients and containing 30% less fat than standard granola and high in fibre you are sure to start your day off right with a bowl of Strawberry and Blueberry Granola. 

Two bottles of Juice Burst fruit juice (£1.25 each). There are 14 different flavours in the Juice Burst range and 3 skinny versions too. Flavours include Cranberry, Orange and Apple. Each bottle counts to one of your 5 a day.
One bottle of Barbecue Sauce from BBQUE (£3.99). There are four unique Bavarian sauces – original, grill & beechwood, honey & mustard and chilli & horseradish. Ideal for barbecues, marinades and dips.

Two packets of Lindor Mini Eggs from Lindt (£2.00 each). With Easter just over a week away these mini eggs are perfect for a little treat. Each packet has a mixture of White, Dark and Milk chocolate mini eggs.

One packet of Bassett’s Jelly Babies (£1.48). But not just normal Jelly Babies, oh  no, these babies are berry flavoured (all my favourites). Each bag is full of strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry flavoured jelly babies. They contain fruit juice and are made using natural colours.
One packet of Maynard’s Sour patch Kids (£1.00). There are six different flavoured sweets. As the name suggests the sweets are sour but underneath their sour coating they are sweet. Both bags are ideal for sharing.
Two bottles of Crabbie’s Fruits (£1.50 each). A new product from Crabbie’s that comes in 3 different flavours – zesty lemon, black cherry and raspberry & rhubarb. They are made with 10% natural fruit juice and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

One pot of Posh Noodles from Kents Kitchen (£1.75). Perfect for lunch on the go or for a hot snack. Made with all natural ingredients, the noodles are low in fat and calories. You just need to add water to the pot, stir and wait a few minutes. 

One packet of Natvia (£2.00). A naturally sourced alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. Derived from stevia, it has 0 calories per serving. Can be used in tea, coffee, cooking and baking.

Two packets of Baked Bread Bites from Brioche Pasquier (50p each). Bacon flavoured snacks that are alternative snack to crisps each 20g bag contains just 90 calories. Low in saturated fat compared to crisps,free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 

For more information about Degustabox you can find them on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you head over to their Facebook page as they have a great competition running at the moment. You have until the end of April to enter. If you’d like to try Degustabox for yourself. My Three and Me have been given a code that you can use to get £3 off your first box. Simply enter  HN9DC at the checkout. 

I’m looking forward to our next Degustabox delivery at the end of April, I can’t wait see what surprises await us in our next box.

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