Are You Getting A Good Nights Sleep?

Did you know that this week (2nd – 8th March) is Sleep Awareness Week? If you said no then you’re not alone as I didn’t’ know either. But if it’s one thing I like, it’s my sleep, in fact it’s no secret that I LOVE my sleep and I am so pleased that the boys love theirs too. Even as small babies they slept really well. But just because we love our sleep doesn’t always mean that we get a good night’s kip. Sometimes it’s too hot, too cold or one of us is feeling under the weather, I’m stressed or Matthew is away fishing (it’s weird how you get used to someone sleeping next to you isn’t it)

Sometimes we can’t stop things getting in the way of sleeping well but there are a few ways you can ensure you get a decent nights sleep. One way is by keeping warm when the nights are cold. Although spring is almost upon us the nights and early mornings are still very chilly. One way you can ensure you’ll stay warm is by using a duvet with a high tog rating. Something like the Slumberdown Winter duvet would be perfect.

You can buy a winter duvet in either a 13.5 or a 15 tog (£29.99). This means that the duvets not too heavy but enough to keep you all cosy and warm. Research has shown that it is also better for you if you wrap up warm on a night rather than keep the heating on – plus it saves you money too. You can buy a winter duvet in all sizes and are machine washable at 40C.
Another way to ensure you get a good nights sleep is by having a healthy balanced diet. Eating and drinking the right things will ensure that your body stays at it’s best. Some products you could include within your diet are More Drinks.

More Drinks are low in calories but high in vitamins. They are perfect for both adults and children to drink and they give you what your bodies need. We know that Vitamins help us stay healthy and if we lack them our bodies don’t work as they should. If you live life on the go or your diet isn’t great, it can be difficult to get what you need via your diet. So drinking a More Drink is the perfect way to get it. I love that Every product in the range has a simple message, each bottle tells you what you’re getting in your drink and why it’s good for you.

  • More vitamins and minerals – to help you stay strong and healthy.
  • More flavour – because no matter how good something is for you, you won’t drink it unless it tastes great.
  • More spring water – to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.
  • More convenience – for nutrition on the go.

I’ll leave you with this interesting / fun fact about sleep… Did you know…..

People spend a third of their life sleeping… around 25 years…

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