Teaching My Three The Value of Money – Week 4

My Three are taking part in a month long project to save money. They have set themselves a target to save £15 between them. They want to spend the money on a new game for one of their consoles.

This week is our last week of the project. As I said in my last post it was half term this week, we went on a visit to the seaside. Whilst there we visited both my mum and dad after James had been to the dentist (he’d had an abscess a couple of weeks ago and it hadn’t gone like we’d hoped it would. He was a very brave boy when he needed a filling). The boys told both my mum and dad that we were going for a walk along the seafront, they were given £1 each from both my parents on top of the £1 we had already given them for keeping their rooms tidy. This gave them a healthy total of £9, but as we were at the seaside the boys spent all their money in the arcades so they saved a grand total of 0 this week.

The boys said that they wanted to buy Mindcraft with the money that they managed to save during the project. As they only had a total of £9 saved I thought it might be a bit of a task to find it that cheap (the last time I saw it was around £10 – 15 depending on the console / shop you wanted to buy it from). I told the boys that I would have a look around and see if I could find them a copy of the game cheap. Luckily for them I found a copy on the Xbox 360 for £9.66. Although they had only saved £9.14, I said that as I had a couple of ££ in Amazon vouchers in my account I would let them off the little extra that they hadn’t saved. They are now waiting on their game arriving.

We have really enjoyed taking part in this project with Family Investments. It has taught the boys that if they really want something they can work hard and save up for it. It may not be instant but it will come to them if they are patient. I always want them to know the value of money and not to take the things that they have for granted. They have also learnt that it pays to shop around, you can find things cheaper than you first thought and it can help you get much more for your money. Let’s face it everyone loves a bargain.

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