Teaching My Three The Value of Money – Week 3

If you’re a regular reader, you may know that My Three are taking part in a month long project to save money. They have set themselves a target  to save £15 between them. They are planning to spend the money on a new game for one of their consoles.

This week is half term, we are planning a few days out including a trip to the seaside at the weekend. We love these trips as it means we get to see my mum and dad and we always have a walk down the seafront. We sometimes have fish and chips, ice cream and we try to win a teddy in the arcade grabber machines. So although the boys have done great this week with their savings next week might be a different story.

This week the boys have each earnt £1 keeping their bedrooms nice and tidy – they’re doing really well at this tidying lark and I really hope that they keep it up. James found 14p from down the back of the sofa. He asked his dad if the change was his as he found it under the cushions where he usually sits. He said it wasn’t so James quickly put it in the piggy bank. Their lovely piggy bank is now showing a total of £9.14 – not bad for 3 weeks of saving. With just one week left I wonder if they’ll make their target.

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