Teaching My Three The Value of Money – Week 2

Last week you may have read that we are taking part in a month long project so see if the boys can save money. They have set themselves a target  to save £15  between them. They are planning to spend the money on a new game for one of their consoles.

Not much has happened in the last week here, but the boys did get the £1 each that I promised them for keeping their bedrooms nice and tidy. So their lovely piggy bank now shows a total of £6 – not bad for 2 weeks of saving. With two weeks left I am sure they will make their target.

At school last week the boys had a none uniform day and a sponsored run around their playground for the local children’s heart hospital. Nathan asked why he wasn’t wearing his uniform but a read tshirt instead and asked why did he have a sheet of paper that was asking for people to sponsor him on his run. I explained about the poorly children and that any money that they could send in and get people to sponsor him would be used to help them. He said that he hoped he’d get lots of money so that the children could be made better. He even said that he would give his pocket money for the week as his donation. Although he did take in his pocket money I snook the £1 back into the piggy bank later that afternoon because I thought that his gesture was very thoughtful and caring. I hope he will always be like this as he is always the first to think of others.

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