Spring Crafts With Baker Ross

I love spring. There’s something about seeing the new buds on the trees and the flowers starting to bloom that makes me smile. I’m not sure what it is but I like it. With Spring comes Mother’s Day and Easter – the only time of year (except for Christmas) where the boys make me lovely cards and gifts. They were recently sent a lovely box of crafts from Baker Ross. Inside there were kits to make funky glasses, key rings,gift boxes and decorations.


The first thing the boys got stuck into was making their glasses with a little help from me and their Auntie Kimberley (she always comes for a visit when we get the crafting things out) they decorated their glasses. We used stick on pearls (£2.99 for 120 various sized self adhesive decorations) and flowers (£2.99 for 120 foam decorations) to make them look fabulous. I think both James and Nathan could give Dame Edna and Timmy Mallet a run for their money with their creations – they were pretty special. The glasses kit contains 6 pairs of different coloured foam glasses (£3.96). The decorations we used are all pre-cut and sticky (you just peel the backs off them). This was a really quick and fun activity and definitely one that you could use at a child’s birthday party or similar.


The second and third kits that the boys worked with were linked together, A beautiful keyring (for a Mother’s Day present) and a lovely decorated bird shaped box for the keyring to be put in. The keyrings (£2.99) and gift boxes (£2.99) come in sets of 4. The keyrings are very easy to complete although the boys did need a little help with the threading of the string due to the beads needing some of their holes making bigger. The keyrings and boxes are both very cute and would make a lovely gift for any mum this Mother’s Day. I think they also make a lovely activity that you could do with your child if you weren’t doing much on Mother’s Day. You could spend some real quality time together.

The last two sets that the boys completed were Easter themed. I love both the Mosaic Wands (£3.94 for a set of 4) and Bird Decoration kits (£3.75 for a set of 3) that the boys were sent because they’re easy to complete.


The boys loved sticking all the little mosaic pieces on their animal templates. As the templates are colour coded it’s easy to see where to stick the right coloured pieces. With the sewing kits they needed a little help with threading their needles but easily took to the task in hand. The finished product looks lovely and will be hung with pride at Easter in our house.

Sometimes the boys struggle to find things to keep them entertained when they break up from school for longer than a week. I think any of the crafts that Baker Ross sell are great for such occasions (especially if it’s a cold and wet holiday). They are also great to take away with you if you are planning a holiday, they are clean and relatively mess free crafts.

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