#showusyourmess with Bosch

Over the Christmas holidays My Three and Me have been very busy, although we haven’t posted much on the blog we’ve had lots and lots of fun with new toys and creating lots of lovely things out of some crafts packs. We made crackers and baubles for the tree, paper-chains to hang from the ceilings and Christmas Cards for all our family and friends.

We were recently sent a craft set to complete over the Christmas period too, the reason we were sent the pack is so that we could take part in a competition with Bosch. The boys got stuck in and had lots of fun making their own crackers. They were reasonably tidy until it came to pulling the crackers – then all the mess happened.



Being Crafty also means lots of mess with a 5, 7 and 9 year old in tow, and when I say mess I mean a huge, messy mess – paper, glitter, bits or card, googly eyes you name it if it can be cut up then it usually ends up on the floor – just like when I came in a little while ago to find a “Glitter Castle” made by a very happy smiley James. He was very proud of his creation I on the other hand was not and was vacuuming up glitter for a long time after.

If glitter wasn’t enough the boys think it’s great fun to make feathers “fly” around the room. These little yellow beastly things took forever to clean up and we were finding them all over the place. They boys certainly had plenty of fun.

I have to be honest and although I don’t mind the boys making some mess, I hate lots of mess as it means that the vacuum is dragged out to clean it all up – it’s noisy, it’s old and it’s a giant pain in the bum to use in and around the house we really could do with something that’s light, compact, quiet and cordless – something like The Athlet from Bosch, This vacuum cleaner comes highly recommended from Which? – it’s lightweight and runs on a rechargeable battery, can get to those hard to reach places thanks to it’s flexible nozzle joint and it offers 360° cleaning for easy handling and excellent manoeuvrability. It can even be operated flat on the floor for hard to reach places, such as under low-rise furniture – perfect for reaching those hard to reach bits that have fallen under the sofa etc.

The Athlet is quiet enough to have a conversation or watch TV whilst vacuuming – perfect for us especially so I can continue with the housework whilst the soaps are on. It is free-standing, taking up very little storage room – something which is a massive selling point for us as our house has very limited space. As the Athlet is lightweight it would be ideal for me as recently I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, I’m awaiting a hospital appointment for injections in my wrists – should they not work I will need an operation, in the mean time some of the vacuuming jobs have been neglected as it is just too difficult to carry a heavy vacuum up and downstairs often.

I love that the Athlet has intelligent technology (SensorBagless™ technology) – a sensor informs you when the filter needs to be cleaned, ensuring maximum performance is maintained at all times. The Athlet provides up to an hour of powerful cleaning time – It will maintain its peak power until the sensor lights indicate it’s time to recharge, empty the dust container, or clean the filter.

The boys aren’t the only messy ones in our house though with two dogs there is always a need to vacuum the floors, dried mud from their paws, hairs from their shedding coats – yes there is always something that needs cleaning up. An Athlet would certainly make my life a lot easier. 

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    Karen Hannah
    January 7, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    Looks like lots of mess, but lots of fun!

    • Reply
      January 7, 2015 at 6:44 pm

      They had lots of fun making the mess.. I didn't have fun cleaning it all away lol x

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