Flashback Friday

Today’s Flashback Friday is the first of 2015 ( can you believe it’s the new year already) and in fact my first post of the new year.
I thought that a good picture for today’s post would be from around the time Back To The Future II was released – after all 2015 is the year that the film mentions and if you’ve been on Facebook or read the online papers within the last few days you will have noticed the comparison pieces as to how much they got right or wrong in their “vision” of 2015 – I’m a little bit gutted they never managed to invent the hover board or cars that fly but they came pretty close to wearable technology (Google glass etc) and microwaveable meals.
Here I am in the middle – I was about 4 years old so don’t actually remember the film being released but have since seen it many a time with Matthew and the boys – they are what you would call massive fans of the films – they can even tell you bits of the script…


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