Technology & Music Lovers Gift Guide – Christmas 2014

We are gadget geeks in our house – there’s no two ways about it, so you can guarantee there will be at least one or two gadget presents under our tree this year. If you have a technology fan in your family here are a few gift ideas:

For forgetful family members how about the Kensington Proximo (£30).  Available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S. Proximo safeguards your items to ensure they’re always with you. Simply download the app and attach the fob or tag to the item you would be lost without.

  • The Proximo app’s Proximity Meter acts as a 24/7 guardian, letting you know how far away your stuff is and alerting you if you leave it behind.
  • The Proximo Fob triggers an alarm on your phone, even if it’s on vibrate, so you can find it quickly and get on with your day.
  • The Proximo Tag can be put on any items like backpacks or handbags so you can always find them easily with the Proximo app on your phone.

Albumcards is unique, online, and brand new for Christmas 2014. It’s a personalised greetings card plus music gift, all in one! Perfect for sending to your mum or dad, auntie, best mate or even a secret Santa Albumcards is a personalised card with an album you know they’ll love. 
Albumcards are easy to send – Pick (the album you want to send), Personalise (with greetings card) and 3. Post (to arrive on a day of your choice). An Albumcard is just as easy to redeem and listen to the album you have sent. By entering a unique code at albumcards.com the album can be downloaded on any device they choose. Albums cost £9.99 each.
Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones (£59.99). Available from HMV.
The stylishly sleek Jam Transit headphones deliver excellent sound quality without the hassle of tangled wires!
  • microphone for taking phone calls on the go
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones, the headphones connect wirelessly up to 30 feet
  • Full on ear remote functionality FF/RW/play/pause/volume +/-
  • Rechargeable battery allows up to six hours of wireless play
  • Available in black
For music fans who are gadget fans how about a Jam Rewind Wireless Speaker (£79.99) . Available from HMV, Game, Argos.
  • Go retro with the pocket sized Jam Rewind designed to look like a funky 80’s cassette tape offering fashion and function
  • Despite its size, the Rewind delivers superior bass and sound performance with its four speakers
  • Rechargeable battery allows up to eight hours of continuous play
  • Perfectly portable making it suitable for use anywhere
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones and tablets, it connects wirelessly up to 30 feet for convenience
  • Voice prompts make using you speaker easy – announcing power and Bluetooth status
  • Speakerphone to allow you to instantly move between music and calls
  • Audio in jack also allows connecting with non Bluetooth devices

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