Chrismas Crafting With Baker Ross

My boys love to get messy,  I mean busy with crafts. Recently they were sent a festive boxful of bits and pieces from Baker Ross. Inside there were Christmas card making sets, Christmas bauble sets, festive hand puppets making sets and some ornamental owls that needed decorating.

The first thing the boys wanted to make was their Christmas cards. They said they wanted to make one for their Auntie Kimberley, Grandma & Grandad and Nanna. The pack had 3 card designs inside so this was perfect. I love that everything they need is precut and easily stuck in place due to all the pieces being sticky backed. If the pieces are stuck wrongly (which happened a couple of times here) then you simply unpeel them and place them where you want. The cards look really great once completed and the boys could create them with minimal help from me they were very happy with the outcome.

Another card making set we were sent was to make a set of 8 reindeer cards. In the pack are 8 precut card templates and 8 envelopes. The templates come in two different colours and can be personalised as you wish. James simply drew faces on his cards for his class teachers. They are a perfect little touch this Christmas if you are making gifts that are personal.
Baker Ross sell porcelain trinket boxes that you can decorate yourself. These would make a lovely personalised gift this Christmas. They come in assorted designs. We were sent a box of owl trinket boxes and some special paint pens. The boys loved making these and decided that they would be the perfect gifts for their grandparents.

 One of my favourite activities that the boys were sent was a Christmas Bauble making set. This they did need my help with as it was quite tricky. The instructions are set out clearly. The hard bit though was sticking sequins on to the belly’s of the 3 characters inside the pack , as you need to make sure that you fit them firmly in place. James decided that he wanted to make the Rudolph bauble so we set to work on that together. Callum wanted to create Santa whilst Nathan loved the idea of building the snowman. I have to say though they do look lovely on my Christmas tree.

The last activity the boys completed was making festive glove puppets. As with the other sets there were 3 puppets inside a snowman, a Santa and a Rudolph. The boys set to work sewing their puppets together with the plastic needle and thread. They needed a little help with tying the thread but other than that they did everything themselves. James loved sticking all Rudolph’s bits and pieces on to his body. 

These crafts or any of the other Christmas packs that Baker Ross have to offer would be great for when families get together over the festive period. There are crafts that are relatively mess free but lots of fun to complete, there are activities that are a joint effort so can be completed as a family or there are activities that are more suitable for the kids to complete by themselves. Perfect family activities for perfect family times. Make sure you order within the next few days to get your orders before Christmas. There’s up to 50% off all Christmas crafts at the minute too – perfect for last minute stocking fillers or boxing day family fun.

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