Why Is A Child’s Bedroom The Most Decorated Room In A Home?

Recently Philips carried out a survey on 6000 mums and dads from across Europe. The research revealed some very interesting facts. 
The survey showed lots of different results. One thing the results showed was that children crave their independence as much as they crave iPads. More than 1 in 5 (21%) of the parents questioned said their kids wanted their own room more than anything else. This more than those who craved the latest game or gadget (20%). The survey also showed that 1 in 4 (25%) parents said that children with their own bedroom spent more time reading, and 1 in 5 (19%) said it’s where children can be most imaginative. 
Giving children space is so important that most parents redecorate their child’s room more than any other room in the home (58%). This doesn’t come as a surprise to me as a little while Matthew and I were discussing decorating the house. We decided that every room in our house needed a makeover as some of them (like our bedroom) haven’t been touched since we moved in 5 years ago. It made us realise that the boys rooms have been decorated (or had changes made) at least twice in this time so in fact more than our room and at least once more than the kitchen, bathroom and living room. 
Interestingly, one fifth (20%) of parents believe that lighting can have a positive impact on the quality of a child’s room. Chireal Shallow, child psychologist and sleep expert, says: “A physical space that children can call their own gives them the mind space that they need to develop, and the freedom to stretch their imagination through play. Children get more from creating their own personal worlds than being restricted to something constructed by a digital game and parents who provide a stimulating environment in their child’s bedroom can be confident that they are encouraging this.”
The reason behind the research was because Philips wanted a better understanding of the importance of what makes a child’s environment imaginative. Given how much parents invest in redecorating their child’s room, over a quarter (26%) say they do so every two years and a fifth (20%) believe this is important.
The Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting Range has been designed to transform a child’s bedroom into a more imaginative place to read, play and sleep, and to help them feel safe at night. If you are a Disney fan (myself and the boys are huge fans) then you maybe familiar with their film Monster’s Inc. The film stars two monsters James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and his one-eyed partner and best friend, Mike Wazowski. They work at a factory called Monsters, Inc. Here employees generate their city’s power by targeting and scaring children, but the monsters are themselves afraid that the children may contaminate them, when a child enters Monstropolis, Mike and Sulley set out on an adventure to return her to her rightful home. Just like in the film children have monsters in real life, they hide in the wardrobe under the bed or maybe even a dark corner. It is surprising to see how children see their own monsters.

Timothy Meaker, an independent lighting expert, adds, “There are many ways to transform your kid’s bedroom, and light is one of the easiest and most fun. Light with colour can instantly create a different world, whether it’s a soothing one before bedtime or bright and vibrant for play.”

The Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting range can be used to add light in places such as under the bed, dark corners or even in the wardrobe. The products could help turn potentially scary places into warm and inviting ones by adding softly diffused light. Some of the products help bring children’s favourite stories to life and help make their bedroom feel more like a scene from their favorite Disney movie. They could also create more spaces where kids can play and discover magical spaces.
Here are some of the products in the Philips and Disney Imaginative Lighting range:

  • Philips and Disney StoryLight – innovative Mickey Mouse-shaped light cleverly synchronises coloured light with classic Disney stories read through an interactive e-book on an iPad, perfect for story time.
  • Philips and Disney Table Lamp SoftPal– designs of Disney characters Mike, Sulley, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, to offer reassurance and comfort to children at bedtime
  • Philips and Disney Candles Princess, Mickey & Minnie – these emit a warm glow that emulates the softness and flicker of real candle flames, creating a relaxed diffused light which adds a hint of magic to play time.
  • Philips and Disney LivingColors Micro Cars, Planes, Princess and Ariel – with 64 colours to choose from, they can transform almost any imagined playground.
  • Philips and Disney LivingColors Mini Mickey & Minnie – will change a child’s room to create a fun magical or soothing ambience.
Here are some of the products in the Philips and Marvel Imaginative Lighting range:

  • Philips and Marvel Torch Spider-Man – give them comfort and help them tackle night time like a hero with a light that can be used to light the way to find the hallway when finding the loo at night – or, to search for baddies!
  • Philips and Marvel Night light Spider-Man – make them feel secure with this Super Hero light: comforting light when it’s needed controlled by a motion sensor that automatically turns the light on if they wake. 
  • Philips and Marvel Pendant and table light Spider-Man – make your child’s room fit for a crime fighter with this lampshade that adds ambiance and adventure.
  • Philips and Marvel Projector Spider-Man – bring their bedroom adventures to life by projecting Super Hero images all around them.  Three projector wheels with 24 images mean they won’t get bored.
There are lots of different products in the range so there is definitely something to suit both boys and girls. James has asked for a Spiderman themed bedroom so I will certainly be taking a look at some of the products available when we start decorating his room after Christmas. Nathan on the other hand changes his mind like he changes his socks so he might just get a surprise one afternoon when he comes home from school.
*We were sent a Spiderman Projector in return for writing this piece – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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