Our #DoraAndFriends Twitter Party…

If you have been following us on Twitter you will know that today was our #DoraAndFriends Twitter party. The boys invited some of their close friends round to have some fun. As you can imagine a house full of six 4 – 6 year olds was very chaotic, very noisy but also lots of fun. The reason for our party was the premier of the new Dora and Friends: Into the City series on Nick Jr.

I spent all afternoon setting up ready for our party. I blew up the palm tree, I bought and prepared some snacks, set up the colouring sheets, blew up balloons, added extra sweets to the Piñata and I laid the special red carpet we had been sent. I rushed to and from school with the boys to make sure that they were home in time for the 4pm party start time (an hour before the show started).

Our guests arrived at 4pm on the dot. The first thing they all did was walk on the red carpet into our living room. Here our party began. The boys and their friends familiarised themselves with the new characters and then we had a quiz to see who had been paying attention. 
After our quiz we coloured some pictures in and we got busy decorating our cupcakes -never has my house been so quiet.. I have to say they all did really well and the end results were fantastic.

When 5pm arrived we all sat down with the snacks I prepared earlier and our popcorn to watch the Dora and Friends: Into the City episode on Nick Jr. I liked that the episode based around rehoming dogs and helping a small puppy find his lost brothers. All the children loved it and even us mums were watching too. I think it’s lovely that they have brought out the series where Dora has grown up. My boys used to watch her when they were smaller and loved the show and I am pleased to say that they seemed to enjoy the new series too.
At half past 5 it was time to play some games. First up we had our piñata… Everyone had a go at bashing the piñata and I have to say they had a ball. They loves bashing it and they were over the moon when they finally managed to crack it open – spilling it’s loot all over my floor. 

Next up was Pass the Parcel. Again the kids loved it especially as they all had a turn for ripping off a layer and getting a little prize and a clue – our overall winner was very happy with her Butterfly World prize. 
At 6pm our guests started to leave and I was left to clean up the mess… Although I did have a cup of tea before I even looked at that.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to UkMumsTv for asking us to host this twitter party and sending us all the goodies we needed to have a great party. We’ve had a really lovely day and everyone left with a smile on their face and a goody bag in their hand. This was our second twitter party and I really hope we will get to do it again soon.

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