Crafts Over A Wet and Windy Weekend

Every so often, Baker Ross send My Three and Me a box of craft items. We were sent some crafts a a little while ago and although they are “summer themed” crafts I thought that the weekend we’ve just had was a good time to break them out – We could forget that its a cold, cold weekend in November and pretend that it was a lovely hot couple of summers days instead. The boys are a crafty little bunch it has to be said – they really don’t get this from me… I love to get the bits and pieces out but I really am rubbish when it comes to anything that requires creativity. I love that the Baker Ross products are really simple and easy to use and even people like me can make items look great.

The first thing Callum spotted was the Campervan Cushion Sewing Kits. In school the boys will often come home with little things they have sewn together so he was eager to show off his skills. Inside the kit is enough material to make two cushions. All the pieces are pre-cut, have holes pre-punched in them and if there are bits that need to be stuck down they are all ready to be stuck with double sided sticky tape. The whole activity from start to finish probably took Callum 45 minutes. He was very impressed with his finished cushion.


Whilst Callum was busy sewing James decided he wanted to get stuck in too. He was busy colouring in some weather templates. He decided to colour these in with felt tip pens although you could easily cover them in glitter too to make them extra sparkly. 

In our box of crafty bits was one messy -ish craft. This activity had the boys decorating porcelain Flipflop Trinket boxes. We were sent a packet of special pens so that we could colour the flipflops.. This was very messy but lots of fun. Make sure you have old clothes on or an apron and lots of newspaper down or else you will end up with ink / paint from the pens all over the place.  Each box comes with 4 shoes in so they are a perfect group activity.

The last activity that the boys took part in was making coasters. The set came with 8 patterned squares in. The boys had to peel and stick little coloured squares on to the coaster bases. Each pack has 8 in so again this is a great group activity.

What I love about Baker Ross is that all their activities are easy to complete and they don’t take a lot of time to do. My boys love taking part in things but they tend to get bored and fed up if things take too long to complete. They were very proud of their handy work. 

Next weekend we are going to have a Christmas crafting session. We can’t wait to show you all the bits and bobs that we were sent from Baker Ross and the creations we have made. 

*We were sent a box of goodies in order to write this post – all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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