Angel Delight has been a firm family favourite since since 1967. It’s both fun to create and yummy to eat. I am a huge fan of the banana flavour whilst the boys and Matthew love any flavour. A couple of weeks ago we were sent a special package containing the new bubblegum flavour. Matthew was more than happy  to give it a try first.

The Bubblegum flavour Angel Delight was launched in Tesco in September. You can use it to make either a traditional instant dessert or a milkshake – the instructions for both are on the back of the packets! We made our angel delight the traditional way. It tastes and looks lovely in the Sundae glass we were sent but if like my friend Kimberley and you can’t wait / find a glass or bowl it tastes just as nice straight out of the jug….

I love that Angel Delight is still popular today. My parents used to enjoy it when they were younger, myself and my siblings used to love it ( and we still do) and now the boys love it. It is one of those desserts that is cheap to buy and easy to keep stocked in the cupboard / make up as and when you feel like it. It is definitely a must have in our house.

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