Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food

Our dogs Pepper and Ziggy are very important to us. We look after them and treat them as if they were our children – well let’s face it if you have pets they should be treated well don’t you think?

Pepper is now almost 7 (not bad for a Boxer dog) and although she’s no spring chicken she can still keep up with both the boys and Ziggy our French Bulldog puppy and I reckon has plenty more life in her yet. I think one reason why she is so fit and healthy is because she has always been fed a well-balanced diet.

Recently We were sent some Hill’s Ideal Balance Dog Food for the dogs to try. As Ziggy is still young we decided to keep him on his regular food and we let pepper try it instead. What I like about the Hill’s Ideal Balance dog food is that the food is made with natural ingredients and provides a perfectly balanced diet for your dog’s overall health. Each tin is 100% Balanced. The food is perfect for both small and medium adult dogs who are moderately active aged 1 year old – 7 years old.

The food is:

• Perfectly balanced
• Made with the finest natural ingredients
• Naturally gentle on dog’s digestive system
• 100% balanced nutrition, 100% taste. Guaranteed
• Available in a variety of flavours
We were sent a case of the Salmon and Vegetable dog food (£25.99). Each can contains Salmon (11%), chicken, pork, carrots, rice starch, potato starch, animal protein powder, dextrose, brown rice, pea fibre, pea protein flour, animal fat, peas, minerals, digest, flaxseed, chicken broth powder, potato, trace elements, spinach flakes, vitamins and beta carotene. Total vegetables (4%). As you can see from the picture below Pepper wasted no time in eating it all up.

*We were sent the above product for the purpose of this piece – all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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