After School Snacks

The boys are almost at the end of half term… It’s crazy to think they have been at school 7 weeks already. But every night when they come home they ask me the same questions over and over again. What’s for dinner? and how long will it be? Sometimes dinner is ready for them the minute they walk in especially if it’s a stew or something in the slow cooker, or a lasagne or cottage pie that’s been left in the oven whilst I’m on the school run. However some nights dinner can take longer especially on the nights when Matthew is working a late shift. 

On the nights when we have late dinners I allow the boys to have one snack before their dinner. Yu! snacks are great for such occasions and as there’s a wide variety available there is something that they all like. With multi-packs costing from as little as £1.79. Nathan loves the yoghurt coated strawberry flakes where as James loves the strawberry fruit chews, Callum on the other hand prefers the Yu! snack bars.

Once the boys have eaten their dinner they are then allowed another snack or dessert. Sometimes they will pick another Yu! snack but sometimes they like a bowl of popcorn or a small packet of sweets / biscuits. Butterkist Popcorn have many flavours available at the minute. Recently the boys were sent some Strawberry and Cream flavour popcorn and they absolutely loved it especially when we have our movie nights. 
Both Yu! snacks and Butterkist popcorn are ideal for lunchboxes and on the go snacks too. they are both widely available in supermarkets nationwide.

*We were sent the above products for the purpose of this piece*

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