A few Treats for the Dogs

Our dogs are an important part of our family, just like the boys they always need new bits every now and again, and because Ziggy is still a puppy he needs more things more often than Pepper. I try not to spend a lot on the items I buy as we are on a budget but I also like to make sure the items I get are of good quality and will last. This can be hard as buying cheap usually means less quality goods. Recently I was introduced to a website called Feedem. They offer everything you need for your pets at low prices. Most if not all their products are lower than the RRP. If like us you have more than one pet this could save you a lot of money over a period of time.

For example, I always buy treats for the dogs on a weekly basis but I like them to have something healthy for their teeth. I find Dentastix are perfect for my two as they help reduce tartar build up and freshen their breath. They are low in fat, are sugar free and free from artificial colours or flavours . Feedem have them on offer at the minute for £1.46 for a pack of 7 instead of the RRP £2.19 – when you are buying two packs a week this can soon add up.

An item that needed replacing was the bedding in Ziggy’s bed. As he is a pup he likes to chew things a lot… His bedding was one of these things and as he is still in this phase I refuse to pay over the odds for something that is likely to need replacing again in a couple of months. If you put blankets in his bed he either pulls them out on to the floor or he wees on them…For this reason he has to have heavy bedding which for some reason he doesn’t pull out or wee on (although like I already said he will probably chew it) Feedem have a lot of beds and bedding to choose from and any dog owner would be spoilt for choice. There is something suitable for dogs both little and large. I chose this Bobble Quilted Mattress. Priced at £5.25 it is perfect to replace if needed and it fits perfectly in Ziggy’s plastic bed and it can be washed in the washing machine if needs be.
As I’ve already said Ziggy is still a young dog (he will be one in January) and he likes to chew. He also likes to play. So when I saw this Rubber Tyre Toy. I knew Ziggy would love it. We have bought many toys since he came to live with us in July and he has chewed them all up. So far this is the only toy he has owned which he hasn’t destroyed. If you have a playful pup who likes to destroy his / her toys I would highly recommend the Rubber Tyre from Ancol. We were sent the 15cm tyre but there are 2 other sizes available for larger dogs. Priced at £3.50 instead of £4.45 I think this toy is most definitely a bargain buy.

The last item I chose was a new Lead for Pepper. I have been looking for a while at buying her a longer lead as the one we bought her last year just wasn’t any good for her, as she is a large dog she has a tendancy to pull and you often feel like your hand is being cut in half, that was until we tried the new lead with her. It has a lovely cushioned handle and as its a longer length lead ( I chose the 180cm length rather than 100cm) she had enough lead so as not to want to pull and it only cost £5.50 instead of £7.61. 

Overall I was impressed with the products that arrived. They came well packaged and were cheaper than their RRP’s. Bargain hunting is something that I often do and can make our money go further by doing so. I love that Feedem sell all the well known pet brands at cheaper prices meaning that my pets don’t lose out on the quality of the items that I buy.

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