The Boy’s Dream Homes

Recently My Three were asked to draw their dream homes. The boys have great imaginations so I couldn’t wait to see what they came up with. In order for them to complete the task they were sent a craft pack. It contained lots of things including glue, paper, glitter, pens and lots of other crafty bits and pieces.

Here is Callum’s dream house. He said if he could build a house it would be a big house with 3 bedrooms, a study, a games room, a beach room (he would need a cleaner to clear up all the sand!), an Olympic size swimming pool ( I’m not sure where this came from as he hates water and swimming) and a football pitch so that he can host football matches.

Nathan’s dream house was very different to Callum’s. He said his house would be a castle with 10 bedrooms. It would have an ice cream room where he could make and eat any flavour of ice cream he wanted, an imagination room (because he would like a room where he can go to think), a beach room ( just like Callum) and a Playstation room.

James’ house wasn’t even a house – he said he would live in a boat that had a flag with a J for James. Inside the boat there would be a swimming pool on the lower deck, there would be a massive ball pool and there would be a McDonald’s on board too.

If you think the boy’s houses are fabulous watch the video below, these children have some great ideas for their dream homes too.

*A collaboration with Principality Building Society*

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