Bissell Vac and Steam 2 in 1 Cleaner

As the mum of three boys and owner of 2 dogs (one being a 9 month old puppy) my house can get very messy and quickly especially when it has been raining. Mopping the kitchen floor and cleaning the laminate floor in the living room can be an endless task and one that I truly hate as I never seem to get all the bits of fluff, grass and dog hairs up when sweeping or vacuuming up beforehand. That was until I was sent the Bissell Vac and Steam 2 in 1 cleaner. Oh how my life has changed, my floors are much cleaner now and the job takes half the time.

The Vac and Steam cleaner is the first of its kind, it allows you to be able to vacuum or steam independently, or do both jobs at the same time. The cleaner itself is very easy to use and it quickly cleans and sanitises hard floors.

The cleaner comes with two microfibre pads (one soft and one scrubby for the tougher messes), if you need to change between the pads you simply press the foot-release tray on the back of the cleaner – which allows you to change them quickly and easily. I love that the Vac and Steam has an adjustable handle – this means that I can ask Matthew to clean the floors too ( he always moans that being tall  is a hindrance for mopping and vacuuming – theres no excuses now). On the handle you will find the digital controls, here you will see a simple panel that allows you to select between low or high steam. The cleaner is so easy to set up and use. You have to fill the water tank (using the jug provided), plug in the cleaner and wait 30 seconds. Once the time is up you are ready to clean any hard floors in your home. 

The Main features of the Vac and Steam are:

  • Cyclonic-action vacuum helps capture even fine dust.
  • Easy Empty dirt collection tank.
  • 2 machine washable microfibre mop pads with Microban® antibacterial protection.
  • 380ml easy-fill water tank.
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 2 fragrance discs
  • Weighs 4.4kg
  • 7.6m cord length
  • Water jug
  • Instructions for use

I love that you can vacuum and steam together. The steam cleaner has a high and low steam setting and it takes around 30 seconds to be ready to use. I can clean the bathroom in next to no time at all and then move on to the kitchen and the living room without having to stop so my time spent cleaning is cut down meaning I can get my jobs done quicker and easier without any fuss. The steam takes only a matter of seconds to try so there is less chance of any one slipping on a wet floor or them paddling wet foot prints around the house.

Once you have finished cleaning your floors you simply put your mop pads in the washing  machine. They take next to no time to dry and then you are ready to clean again. Also inside the box you will find two fragrance discs – these sit inside the mop pads and release a lovely floral scent when the steam comes through the pad leaving your floors and rooms smelling lovely. If you find your pads are looking a little worse for wear or you want more you can buy replacements from the Bissell website.

A couple of weeks ago we had the most horrendous rain I had ever seen in my life. I am so glad that we live on top of a big hill or else we would have been under a lot of water, local towns weren’t so lucky but that’s another story – it did however leave me with a lot of mess to clean up for a few days as the garden was very waterlogged and muddy for a good few days afterwards. I am so glad that I had the Vac and Steam as it meant I could keep on top of the muddy paw / foot prints on both my kitchen and laminate floors. I’m hoping that once the wetter wintery weather arrives in a couple of months that my Vac and Steam will keep my floors .

* I was sent the above product for the purpose of this piece – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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