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Tonight was one of those nights where we had no time to do anything at all and everything we did do had to go smoothly or else we wouldn’t fit everything in.

The boys finish school at 3.20pm every day but tonight was music club and rugby night so instead of a 3.20 pick up it was a 3.20 and 4.20 pick up. When I picked Nathan up from school we waited at school for his brothers to finish their activities. Once the boys had done it was a 15 – 20 minute walk home, then we had to do homework, reading and of course have our tea. Not only did we have to fit all of the school stuff in we’ve also had a visit to the hospital this evening to see my mother in law (she has been in hospital due to a car accident caused by a drunk driver in the middle of August – she was in a hospital 70 miles away but was finally moved closer to home last week) – this was the first time the boys have had chance to see her properly since before the accident happened.

I like to think that we have a good daily routine and that we easily fit back into the swing of things once the boys returned to school after the 6 week holidays but when Matthew was traveling an hour and a half each way to the other hospital or working a night shift things would often become really chaotic and sometimes we wouldn’t know what was happening and things slid a lot – but once the boys got back to school I knew that they had to be in bed by 8pm at the very latest or else they would never get up for school on a morning. 

I am so pleased that Matthew and the boys are all on hand to help me and each other out. Whilst I am preparing and cooking tea Matthew helps the boys do their reading and homework. Once they have done that, if I haven’t done it already they help me empty the dishwasher and get the plates and cutlery ready for tea. I always keep the freezer stocked up with “easy” cook items and meals so that we can just take them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven – they come in handy for nights like tonight. Tonight’s tea was a simple, quick and easy cook meal but one we all love. It consisted of Birdseye Potato Waffles, Birdseye Chicken Dippers and beans. It took less than half an hour to prepare and everyone could eat and have a full belly before we set off for the hospital.

Next week is parents evening and football on the same night so we will be having another easy dinner too – lets face it by the time we’ve finished at school for the night the last thing anyone wants to do is be a slave to the hob.

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