Travelling light with children

Are you planning on taking the kids away for a last minute holiday before they go back to school? If so do they have a case big enough to fit all their bits and pieces in but small enough to fit in the boot of the car along with everyone else’s things or if you are planning on a trip further a field, in the cabin of an airplane?

If you are looking for a new case then Cabin Max may just have a case for you. Recently we were sent two of their child size cases.

Like many parents we have thought about a holiday away this year and we decided that a trip abroad in the school holidays wasn’t for us this year (we’re trying to save for our wedding) so instead we decided that we would spend a few days at my mums over at the coast for the bank holiday weekend. When we do go away with the boys it can be a real pain trying to travel light and fit all the things that they and us need. Although we have a reasonable sized car with a decent sized boot there isn’t much room for everyones cases but these cases from Cabin Max are great as they fit in perfectly with the rest of our luggage and can fit quite a lot of things inside. 

One of the cases were were sent was a Fenza Racing Trolley. My three are huge F1 fans so this case fits in with them perfectly and they couldn’t wait to use it this weekend – they were even arguing over who was going to pull it (I will definitely be buying another one). The Trolley has unique tri-wheels so that it is more stable when being pulled along. It is extremely lightweight and compact, it measures 53x34x20cm. This case is priced at £30. I love the attention to detail on the case, the boys love that it is in the shape of a racing car. It has plenty of space inside and is perfect for those holidays  buts and bobs that all boys need.

The other case we were sent was the Bear Bag. It is an easy to pull trolley for children 4+. Like the Fenza it 
is lightweight  and easy to be pulled along. It can hold a reasonable amount of luggage inside as it has 34 litre 
capacity – perfect for all those holiday clothes and essentials. The Bear Bag features adjustable pants on the 
front – this will fit a teddy or doll meaning your child can take their favourite toy with them on your travels 
and they are to hand if your child wants it – perfect for those silly timed flights. This case is priced at £25 
again I think this is reasonable

Both the cases that we were sent can both be carried on as hand luggage but pulled along by your child using the handle.

As I’ve already stated family holidays can be very costly and although you can maybe do it cheaper by booking the elements of the trip separately or using a budget airline but once you add things like luggage allowance and seating all together into the equation then using a budget airline isn’t always the cheaper or easier  way to do it. However, what if I told you that your child’s suitcases could actually travel with you as hand luggage? This could save you a few pounds and you would definitely be able to make use of that budget airline. As we are planning our wedding on a budget (if we ever decide on the venue) these cases will be perfect to take with us either in the car to Gretna Green or on the plane to America, Cuba or Italy. What I like about the Cabin Max cases is that they’re big enough to hold what your child needs for their holiday but small enough to fit in the plane with you – so everything they may need is to hand and it can be pulled along just like any other suitcase. They also look pretty cool too.

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