Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Z-Line Ninjas Deluxe Zipline Playset

When I was smaller, my brothers, sister and I were huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When we saw that they were making a comeback we were so happy that our children would get to see and play with some of the toys that had made our childhood so memorable. Recently the boys were sent some of the newly released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys to try. They were sent a Z-Line Ninjas Deluxe Zipline playset and figures to try out, to say they were over the moon  is and understatement and they couldn’t wait to have a play.

The Deluxe Z-Line Ninja Playset includes everything you need to set up a zip line from wall to wall in your bedroom or in fact any room you wish – we did it in our hallway – although you may need a little more space than we had so that the playset is spread out. Inside the box you will find:

1 Water Tower Washout Playset
4 command strips from 3M
4 wall clips
1 gargoyle launcher
1 c-clamp
2 tension cylinders
2 z-line pulleys
1 two-hand handle
1 one hand handle
2 48″ zip-line
1 72″ zip-line
1 angle gauge

The playset takes around half an hour to set up, I found it quite tricky to do but the instructions are very clear, so I have a feeling that it was just me and my rubbish “putting things together” skills showing through. The boys loved that the figures can be harnessed on to the zipwire.


The playset we were sent is priced at £29.99. There are no figures included with the playset but they are sold separately at a cost of £9.99 each. We were sent a Raphael figure and a Shredder figure. Each of the figures come complete with their weapons – I love that Raphael’s shell opens up and his weapons can be stored inside. Shredders helmet and blades can also be removed.

There are 3 other Zipline playsets and other a number of other figures sold seperately. All 4 zipline playsets can be joined together to ensure lots more Turtle adventures.

*We were sent the mentioned toys for the purpose of this post – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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