Ravensburger 3D Medieval House Puzzle

We are sent a lot of jigsaw puzzles to review. The majority of them are for the boys and although I do get to help them a little bit its not exactly the same as being able to get my teeth into one of my own. A couple of weeks ago I was sent a 3D puzzle from Ravensburger and this time as the boys are too young it was left to me to complete it, I did however have a little help from callum finding some of the pieces.

Inside the box you will find 216 plastic jigsaw pieces and accessories (roof, windows). I have to admit when I first opened the box I was like ohhhh… this looks interesting and slightly confusing. However once I had a look at the instruction booklet I realised that it wasn’t as complicated as I first thought. In fact the hardest bit was finding the number 1 piece. 
As there are 216 pieces I thought it would be easier to sort them out into piles of 50. As with most Ravensburger puzzles each piece is cut different to the next. Each piece is numbered so you know which piece goes where. They also have an arrow showing you if the piece is to be placed next to or above the one before

With this puzzle there are pieces that need to be bent – these make the corners to the walls of the house. They are easy to bend but you have to make sure you get them right or else you end up with walls that aren’t quite straight.

I really enjoyed putting the jigsaw together. It was fun to do and looks great when completed. The box says it is suitable for ages 10 – 99. I would agree with this as although finding the numbers and putting the pieces together is easy it is hard to get the puzzle to sit on its base and making sure that the roof is on securely once you’ve finished putting all the other pieces in place.

I would highly recommend this puzzle to anyone who is a fan of jigsaws or those who are wanting a bit of a challenge. It certainly kept me entertained for an hour or two.

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