Little Live Pets Weekend

Today My Three and Me have had a very busy day. We had been invited to attend an event at Eureka. We were very lucky in that we got to spend the afternoon at the museum and we had the chance to see the very new and very exciting Little Live Pets.

There are 6 beautiful birds to collect. Each bird responds to your touch and voice. The more you stroke them the more they chirp away and the happier your pet will become. You can record yourself saying something for up to 10 seconds and the clever little birds will repeat what you said. Each of the 6 birds has a different personality so there is a pet suited to everyone. The birds are priced at £9.99 each. Along with the birds there are two birdcages that you can buy for £19.99. Each cage comes with an exclusive bird and has room for another bird inside too.

 If birds aren’t for you or your little one then the Little Live Pets Butterflies might just be. Priced at £12.99 each, there are 6 beautiful butterflies to choose from. They come to life when placed in the palm of your hand – they flutter and flap their wings like a real butterfly. As with the birds you can also buy a Butterfly House for £22.99. There are two to choose from, both coming with an exclusive butterfly. Inside the house is a pad charger. If you sit a butterfly on the pad it will come to life.

Whilst at Eureka James had his face painted – as you can see he was pretty happy with his dinosaur. In fact most of the time after he kept opening and closing his mouth pretending to be the dinosaur – it was quite funny to watch.

In my opinion the Little Live Pets are going to be huge this year. They are interactive, cute and everything I would have loved when I was a little girl – these are most definitely going to be on a lot of lists to Santa this year.

*We were invited along to the event and given free admission in return for writing this post*

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